Lisa Broadvent-DiOssi, LUTCF

Dennis Drake, CBC, CFC

Roger Owens, LUTCF, RHU

Edward Zabielski, LUTCF, CAP


Don Fulton, CLU, ChFC CFP

A. Duer Pierce, Jr.,, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CAP

Larry Kaufman

Fred Dawson, CLU, ChFC


James Andrien

Mary Ann Blair, MBA, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Stephen Blewitt, GBA

Raymond Bree, Jr., CLU, ChFC

Ronnie Carter, LUTCF

Lynn Cecil, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Dick Cecil, CLU

Brian Dawson, ChFC, CIMC

Laura Day, CLU, LUTCF

Richard Downes, CLU, LUTCF

Nancy M.B. Feldman

Robert Griesemer, CLU, ChFC

Dallas Hayman, LUTCF

Eric Heishman, LUTCF

Harold Heitmann, LUTCF, FSS

Dieter Hoffman, LUTCF, FSS

Todd Hudson

Ray Ianni, ChFC, CFP

Sean Joyce

Kevin Lammers, RICP, LUTCF, M.Ed

Marianne LaRock-McGuckin

Julian Leflore

Nancy Littleton, LUTCF

John Lynam

C. Anthony McDonald, CLU, ChFC, ClTC, MSFS

Stanley Mikna, CLU, ChFC

Salvatore Morabito

Nicholas Moriello, RHU

Jeanine O'Donnell

Karen Poore, ChFC

Robert Porter, Jr., LUTCF

Michael Reckner, CHRS

Daniel Reisinger, CLU, ChFC, MSFS

Stephanie Rinschler

Hardik Shah, CFP, ChFC

Joshua Shaver, CFP, ChFC

Debra Shears, GBA,CHRS,

John Still III, RHU

Leo Strine, CLU, CHFC, MSFS, MSM

Donald Talerico

John Taylor, CLU, ChFC

Richard Thomas, CFP, ChFC

Frank Varone, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Ginger Weiss

Tenney Wheatley, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MBA

Daniel White, CLU, ChFC

Terrence Wolf, CLU, ChFC

Peter Wolff, CLCS, FSS, LUTCF

Emily Woodson, CFP, M.Ed.

Scott Yerkes, CLU, RHU, REBC, LUTCF

Maria Zakutny, CFP

* Data provided by National based on current members/ lifetime contribution.

Thank you NAIFA Delaware PAC Supporters - you help protect this industry and the clients we serve every day. 

NAIFA Delaware attend meeting on Capitol Hill, Washington DC

NAIFA Delaware meet with Lisa Blunt Rochester at Congressional Conference.

NAIFA Advocacy, Government Relations, and Political Action  programs are collectively your single most important member benefit. The Political Action Committee engages decision makers at every level of the legislative and regulatory system. At the state level, our state association works hand-in-hand with NAIFA's government relations team to positively impact state legislation and regulation. They develop strategies, comment on key issues, implement uniform policies and initiate grassroots efforts.

Like it or not, 535 members of Congress shape the way you do business. NAIFA is uniquely situated to help you educate and influence these lawmakers.
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