May 9, 2018

Day in the Hall

11:30 am Frazier's Restaurant

9 E Loockerman Street, Dover, DE 19901

The Political Action Committee of NAIFA Delaware invite you to attend the Day in the Hall where members will share lunch and walk over to the Hall to meet with Legislators.

Lobbyist Bob Maxwell has invited the following to join us: Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro, Chair Brian Bushweller and members of the Senate Banking, Business & Insurance Committee, and Chair Bryon Short, Vice-Chair Andrea Bennett, and members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee.

This event has been pivotal to the reason we are NAIFA members and supporters. 20-25 Delaware representatives and senators meet us for lunch in Dover to hear about how important our industry is and why they need to know us when creating legislation that concerns us. Political advocacy is insurance that our career will be around a long time and help us be prosperous! Here’s why this event is crucial:

  • Come get connected to influential people in our community. We are in the business of meeting people, and who better to introduce you to people in your community than the area Senator or Representative?
  • Be proud of your industry and what it does for people! 100M+ families in this country alone rely on some type of insurance or investment related product.  Show up and show that off!
  • Have a say in the laws that get passed.  If you know these folks, they will reach out to you for advice before they potentially put through legislation that hurts our industry!